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Children Overview

mbake 2010 211There are many orphans in Uganda. They tend to be cared for by relatives or people from their village rather than in orphanages. Families who take in these children may have barely enough money for their own children. In other cases elderly relatives with very little income try to provide for the orphans. The result is that orphans cannot go to school because they have no money for school fees or school uniforms.

Children with a goatThese needs are not limited to orphans and so we are also seeking to support needy children in Mbale whether orphaned or not.

PONT is supporting an income generating project for families in need. A female goat is supplied to the family along with training on breeding and rearing goats. By selling some of the goats they have reared the family will be able to have money to support the needs of the children. In addition the goats milk is a valuable source of protein. We are also donating one male goat to each village. The goats that are being purchased are varieties which have a higher yield of milk and produce more young than the typical local varieties.

Project Status

mbake 2010 311As of 2013 967 goats have been donated, and many more have been bred and passed on to second generation beneficiaries. Goats produced have been sold and the money raised used to pay for school fees, medical treatment, school books etc.

Future Plans

We are adding a new Ugandan charity to our network this year and have plans to distribute a further 150 goats.cimg1183dsc00127