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Environment Overview

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The environment team is working on a number of environmental and climate change mitigation projects. These include a carboncimg1228 offsetting scheme (primarily used to offset the environmental effects of flights to visit Mbale), and a weather recording project. There is much anecdotal evidence of climate change in the Mbale region -  the weather recoding project, implemented through schools, will help to provide measured data to substantiate this.

There are also green mapping and agroforrestry projects being planned/in progress.

With involvement from the Welsh Government we are currently in the process of planting a million trees within Mbale through the Territorial Approach to Climate Change (Mbale TACC). This is a partnership of individuals, community organisations, private sector and Government working together to increase resilience to climate change and to promote low carbon, sustainable development in Mbale, Bududa and Manafwa Districts, Uganda.

It is a UNDP project with financial support provided by the Danish Embassy, DFID and UNDP, and Technical and Development Support provided by the Welsh Government. Hilary Thomas, chair of PONT Environment committee, is the project manager in Wales. Mbale coalition against poverty, a network established in Uganda by PONT, is represented on the Project's Board in Uganda by Mwenyi Apollo, PONT's Uganda Co-ordinator.

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