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Primary Health Overview

bicycles given to tbas in bubutu under sao

Linking Primary Health Care workers in Pontypridd and Mbale district, we are working together with local partner organisations FDNC, UWCM, SAO, SALEM and Jenga to enable and support development of health education, preventative care and accessible simple health care at village/local community level in poor rural communities in Mbale district by :-

  • Support and improved coverage of Village Health Teams through unified training programmes of education and personal development of volunteers to agreed standards with formal approval and accreditation of the District Health Officers, Mbale, Manafwa and Bududa in line with Ugandan Ministry of Health plan.

  • Support and supervision of volunteers by local partner third sector community development organisations in partnership with local government coordinated through the executive Health committee, Mbale CAP (Coalition against Poverty).

  • Supporting capacity building within partner organisations.

  • Monitoring and training exchange visits.

mbale may o8 214By 2012 Primary Health was supporting training, supervision and educational updates for 530 Community Health Care volunteers. This year we helped train 40 more volunteers to OPL level health worker with a Welsh Government grant and equipped them with bicycles, manuals, logbooks, raincoats, brollies and wellies with help from Good Gifts and PONT supporters. 410 Community Health Promoters (CHPs) received community update training and were given Polo shirts in recognition of their work. Since 2012 our primary care workers can now call out an emergency motorcycle ambulance for life threatening emergencies. A £12,000 grant funded the purchase and distribution of almost 2000 mosquito nets to the most needy households.

2013 has seen the training of a further 106 Community Health Promoters, 90 Traditional Birth Referral Attendants, 10 Operational level health worker volunteers and 3 Trainers of Trainers.

A further 500 – 600 new volunteer community health workers will receive an intensive short training course to support the Mbale region-wide rollout of the emergency ambulance service in early 2014.

Our task going forward is to continue to support regular update training for all volunteers to maintain / improve health standards and retention of these volunteers.