PONT - partnerships tackling poverty together

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PONT Overview

PONT’s aim as a charity is to build a new model of development based on direct personal relationships between communities here in Wales and communities in Uganda. The twinning of Pontypridd town and Rhondda Cynon Taf borough with Mbale town and district in Uganda offers PONT a launchpad to achieve its aim. Presently there are 13 different categories of partnership links between both communities whose purpose is to improve the lives of the people of Mbale.

The hope is that we can increase the ability of local partners and organizations in Uganda to accept and distribute aid effectively. At the same time we can benefit from the rich cultural heritage that the Ugandans can share with us, as well as their emphasis on family and community. This partnership is a two way link, and to date well over 200 visits have been made by individuals from Pontypridd and Rhondda Cynon Taf, and many groups and individuals from Uganda have visited Wales.

In 2008 the partnership was awarded 2 United Nations Gold Star awards in recognition of its important work, one of only two projects in the world to receive such an award.