PONT - partnerships tackling poverty together

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Key Concepts

The key concepts that inform PONT’s work include:

  • There is a need to empower indigenous people overseas to help the poorest and neediest people in their communities. This may involve helping to develop a strategy to identify those most in need.
  • PONT acts as an "introduction agency," helping to stimulate interest by setting up multiple partnerships between churches, schools, medics, community leaders, hospitals, etc. PONT may facilitate these partnerships in an advisory and training role, (and in so doing builds a body of knowledge of best practise that can be shared amongst all our partnerships).
  • All short term visits stimulated by this project should be with the express purpose of developing, enhancing and maintaining long term partnerships. Those going should see themselves as "ambassadors" before, during and after their visit.
  • Funding, wherever possible, should flow directly from Pontypridd Donors to African Partners. PONT may help by advising on the suitability, sensitivity and sustainability of each project, but will not centralise or pool funding. This is mainly to promote a more direct sense of responsibility amongst donor groups.
  • Where necessary PONT may offer a channel for "gift aid" or covenanting to maximise tax benefits.
  • Funding should always be specifically directed at pre-agreed, pre-costed projects. This should make fund-raising easier, since donors can relate to a specific cause, and also ensure that it is wisely spent, without unnecessary surpluses. PONT will help by providing evaluation and accountability.