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Further information on Bududa Landslide

On Monday March 1 2010 there was a major disaster in Bududa district, which is part of the region we are twinned with in PONT. For several days there was torrential rain. A 200m wide landslide occurred that destroyed 3 villages. The weather had already made many roads impassable, with the result that nearest remaining usable road access was 4 or 5 hours walk away. Consequently it was not possible to get large mechanical equipment to the area, so digging had to be with bare hands and shovels.

Due to a swollen river children were unable to complete their journey home from school earlier. They took shelter from thre rains in a building, which was then taken in the mudslide. This has a particular poignancy for us because close to Pontypridd is the village of Aberfan. There, in 1966, a coal tip slid down on top of the primary school and wiped out an entire generation, bar a couple of survivors. Not something we would wish to have in common with our partner community.

All water and sanitation was destroyed. Pit latrines were washed into the rivers, leading to the risk of health issues further downstream. Swollen rivers are causing flooding of lower lying areas.

Reports suggest there is a potential need to move people out. Up to 10,000 could be affected.