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Power of Partnership

1000th Procedure at 10 year old Endoscopy Unit

In 2009 PONT’s hospital team installed the first endoscopy unit in Uganda outside Kampala in partnership with Mbale Regional Referral Hospital. The unit has now been open and running for 10 years and to celebrate the milestone, PONT sponsored an endoscopy camp at the hospital in January 2019. Many local people found help after years of symptoms.

Over 7 days, almost 150 procedures were performed, free of charge, on patients from the local community.

Many had suffered from symptoms for several years and were delighted to receive a definitive test and treatment.

During the camp the unit also celebrated another milestone – its 1000th procedure! This is all the more impressive when considering the maintenance and upkeep required of the specialist equipment. Sister Florence, the nurse in charge of endoscopy, has done an amazing job to protect and care for the machines and she is incredibly thankful for her training in the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Wales.

Copyright Photo credit: Vanessa Champion PhotoAid

‘I have had 3 years of stomach pain so I was very worried that something serious was happening in my stomach. Finally I was able to get the test I needed. They found some mild damage and infection only. Since I have started treatment the pain has completely gone. I am so thankful for the camp for reassuring me and allowing me to get the right treatment.’

Andrew heard about the camp through a local NGO

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