Motorbike Ambulance saved my baby!

Mutenyo Base lives in a hilly village in a sub county of the Bududa district.  Bududa district is in endowed with hills and valleys which are known for mud slide occurances.  

Base is a shy 30 year old woman who lives in a small house with four of her children and her husband.  The family depends on farming for survival and education of their children.  

Mutenyo Base

                                                               Mutenyo Base and healthy son.


During one of her antenatal care visits to the health centre the couple were given the mobile number for one of our PONT Motorbike Ambulance drivers to call in case of emergency. When time for delivery came, Base’s husband called the driver who arrived forty minutes later to take her to the health centre since she was in much pain and could not walk on her own. When she arrived she was immediately taken to the labour room and in thirty minutes delivered a bouncing baby boy.

In March, the baby developed breathing problems and was rushed to the health centre. The condition worsened and they were referred to Bududa hospital for further management. Once again one of PONT’s Motorbike Ambulance drivers transported mother and baby to Bududa hospital where they were quickly attended to. While there, Base’s baby was put on oxygen for three days and discharged on the fourth day after significant improvement. 

Base and her husband said, ‘Early referral and the availability of the PONT Motorbike Ambulance service helped save our son’s life. Once the health centre staff tried to treat him and realised no improvement, we were referred to Bududa hospital. The Ambulance motorbike made our movement faster.’ Furthermore, Base says, ‘Our sincere appreciation to the organization for providing services of a motorbike ambulance which eased our transportation to the health centre and to Bududa hospital. This service is very crucial in such hard to reach areas where footpaths are used instead of roads.’

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