“I am here to appreciate Phyllis”

We met Phyllis outside her village home, where some women who she’d recently helped in her village had gathered to greet us. Phyllis is a Traditional Birth Referral Attendant – a volunteer community healthworker who is trained to support mothers and infants.

Phyllis, pictured left in red, said her community had chosen her to train as a healthworker because they trusted her. She likes her role because she contributes in saving people’s lives. And she helps them stay healthier so they save money they would have spent on medication.


A grandmother told us she is “actually very grateful for Phyllis. She is very responsible for us, she is all the time monitoring us, whenever she finds a sick child she gives us guidance of what to do to save the child’s life. And she is always encouraging us to take any girl that gets pregnant to the health centre. For example, she encouraged me; she supported me to take one of my daughters recently to the health centre. She gave birth from there and she is alive with her baby. So I am here to appreciate Phyllis for her good work.”

Another said “I am so grateful to this lady, Phyllis, she is here for us. Whenever we get sick she is always available for us to support us. Even recently when I was pregnant and due to give birth she was the one who supported me and helped me to the health centre.”



A third who was heavily pregnant testified “that Phyllis is always reminding her to go for ante-natal support!”

Will you help us train more healthworkers like Phyllis?