MABONGA MADINA: Community Health Promoter making a difference !

Mabonga Madina has been a community health promoter since 2009. She was chosen because she was and still is influential in her community especially among the women. She is a leader in her local women groups and women savings groups.


                                                             MABONGA MADINA

Following her training, Medina:
  •  helps pregnant mothers to get to the health units for antenatal, postnatal and deliveries.
  •  sensitises the community on the proper use of chlorine or boils water for drinking.
  •  provides health education to local women groups about family planning, proper hand washing, nutrition, good parenting, with support from other health educators.
  •  conducts door to door visits to members.
  • Medina says, ‘Working as community health promoter can sometimes be challenging. I can sometimes face resistance from men during home visits. They can refuse me access to their homes, hence increasing the risk early marriage.’

    Example of success: In October, Medina was contacted by the family of a mother who had had a home birth in the night and had a retained placenta. Medina rushed to help the mother remove the placenta and referred her to the health centre the next day for postnatal care.

    Example of success: On one home visit, Medina identified a 17year old girl requiring antenatal care even though the pregnancy was not visible. Medina escorted her to the health centre for her first antenatal visit and also health educated the mother on the benefits of a good nutrition and taking plenty of water.

    In the future Medina hopes to mentor others as age is catching up with her, as she continues to help her village to improve hygiene and sanitation.

    (PONT in partnership with Jenga, a local NGO charity)

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