WAMIMBI AHMED providing essential health education for his community

WAMIMBI AHMED is 48 years old and has been a PONT Community Health Promoter since 2009. He was chosen by his local leaders because he was trustworthy, respectful, honest and willing to work as a volunteer to help his community.

Wamimbi Ahmed

                                                             WAMIMBI AHMED

Before getting involved in the training, Ahmed says he was always refusing his wife to take their children for immunisation. He adds that he had no information about many health issues such immunisation, epidemics, diarrhoea, maternal and child health.
Since his training, Ahmed says he provides health education talks and mobilises the community regarding hygiene and sanitation, family planning, health seeking behaviours such as drinking clean water, proper food handling and the effects of excessive alcohol assumption to their health. He supports the mothers in respect to family planning, immunisation, and benefits of delivering at the health centre, and works as a support team member at the nearest health centre.

Ahmed is highly regarded as a PONT Community Health Promoter in his sub-county. The community readily look to him for assistance on many matters of health. The community also listen to and respect his counsel and advice in the areas of sanitation and hygiene and health seeking behaviours. As a result, he has noticed positive behaviour changes which are improving the quality of life in many families.

Ahmed says, ‘He would like to visit other Community Health Workers in neighbouring areas, like Wanale district, so that they can learn from each other. Also, he hopes that he will get the opportunity to train and progress to the level of operational health worker in future.’

(PONT in partnership with Jenga, a local NGO charity)					

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