Medical volunteers pass on skills

Three doctors, two paramedics and a nurse were part of a volunteer team that travelled from Wales to Mbale in November 2019. Over three days they trained our motorbike ambulance drivers and around 100 of our volunteer healthworkers who also gave their time to learn new skills to help their communities.

Paramedics Julian and Angela taught “first responder” first aid skills, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Roger taught on management of pregnancy and labour problems, nursing sister Andrea on mental health and GP Gaynor on how to keep individual patient records (a pilot project). The teaching was well received by volunteers eager to learn.


It is so valuable when volunteers with medical expertise from careers in the UK travel and share their skills in Mbale. In between visits, the majority of the training is done by staff from our Ugandan partner organisations and from the District Health Offices, with whom we’ve built relationships over the past 15 years.


While the November team were able to train around 100 healthworkers, there are around 500 volunteer healthworkers who have not had any update training for some time, so we are raising money in the Big Give Christmas Appeal to fill this gap – and to train new healthworkers for villages that currently have none.


The cost of training volunteer healthworkers is relatively low, but so that people who are mostly subsistence farmers can attend, we do need to fundraise to cover costs such as transport and basic refreshments.


With each trained volunteer reaching out to a whole village and saving countless lives, we think it is more than good value for money!


Will you help us train more healthworkers ?