Minister of Tourism praises Wildlife Centre

On 26th June our partners Mbale CAP welcomed the Ugandan Minister for Tourism and Antiquities at the Animal Education Centre.

He visited with a senior team from his Ministry, who have responsibility for all national parks and zoos in Uganda. Also visiting were partners from the Ugandan Wildlife Authority and the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre in Entebbe.


The Minister said that the Government should support this “great project”, the only one of it’s kind in Eastern Uganda. He asked the UWA to speed up clearance for large animals to be brought to the site and asked UWCEC to continue to work with the centre to bring the animals.


The visitors were greeted with singing and dancing by children from 7 local schools. Schoolchildren are able to visit the Animal Education Centre to learn about animals and conservation. The centre staff have developed education packs and a curriculum in partnership with our Education team.

The word ‘Tulambule’ on the placard means ‘Let us tour’ and is the name of a campaign to encourage Ugandan people to

support domestic tourism and see more of their country.