New goat for Wamalu

Our goat breeding scheme gives female goats to families who are caring for vulnerable children, and a male goat to each village they live in. 

As well as giving goat milk to children the families can sell the goat kids they breed as a source of income.

Last year PONT supporters helped buy a new buck (male goat) for Wamalu village and he’s already bred with 18 female goats, producing kids in twins and triplets!

Betty is the “Goat Supervisor” who looks after the buck. She said,


“There is much improvement in the community because of these goats. As I move around I see some mothers who have been able to add to their land to grow crops, some have more animals. There is someone who bought a cow, she is milking the cow.”

Dina is one of the mothers in the village who received a goat in 2014. It is her only source of income.



It is now producing triplets and she usually sells of the kids to pay her children’s school fees. She has 8 children and told us,


“My first 5 didn’t finish school because we didn’t have a way to get income, but now the last 3 are all still in school and the youngest is about to sit for O Levels.

Find out more about how our goat breeding projects (and savings groups) work on our Livelihoods page.

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