Preventing the spread of coronavirus – a picture story

As soon as the news of the global pandemic broke, our partners in Mbale requested PONT’s help to get volunteer community healthworkers up to speed on how to prevent, recognise and report COVID-19, so that they could in turn train their neighbours. We were able to send emergency funds for the training, and healthworkers have been out in their communities helping to keep people safe.

Training covered
  • how to protect each other with good handwashing and social distancing
  • how to recognise symptoms of covid-19
  • what to do if a case is identified.

These healthworkers, pictured right, were the first to be trained before the Ugandan lockdown even started.



When a 1 metre rule social distancing rule was added, groups had to space out as the pictures below show. And a ban on public transport made it more challenging for the trainers to travel. But our partners were determined to go ahead!


Some of our local partners were able to use part of their budget to purchase megaphones, which healthworkers have used to share information with village households while remaining at a safe distance. The healthworkers in these photos live in villages near the border with Kenya. 

Encouraging good handwashing is a key element of the training. 



Here healthworkers are demonstrating a “tippy tap”, which can be made from easily available materials.

Could you help support our community healthworkers?