Ugandan schools in lockdown

With schools closed, teaching has been on hold in Uganda – but thanks to PONT support our Education Co-ordinator Eleanor and her colleagues have been able to deliver revision papers to headteachers to distribute to pupils who are due to take their Primary Leaving Exam this year. 


Eleanor (left) with headteachers receiving packages of papers for their schools.


Children are missing out on education which could affect their futures. And poorer pupils in rural schools are disadvantaged because they cannot access the internet or the schoolwork that is being printed in Ugandan newspapers. 


Lockdown has been tough for families in the rural villages where PONT linked schools are based. When parents cannot work, many people are missing meals. Most people live in large families in small houses and it can be hard to stay home all day. 


So Eleanor has been encouraging headteachers, teachers and pupils with revision materials for children in P7, the final year of primary  school. P7 pupils usually take an exam called the PLE (Primary Leaving Exam) each December, and it is an important qualification (finishing primary school is a requirement for some training or jobs in Uganda, like GCSEs would be in the UK).



Eleanor and the Mbale Coalition Against Poverty team have packaged up bundles of papers, and distributed them to certain headteachers who pass them on to other heads in their geographical area, to make the best use of Eleanor’s travel time. 


“PONT school” headteachers and teachers – those in schools that have a PONT link with a school in Wales – are united by their connection and are invited by Eleanor to training together each year, so they are a network that can support each other. 





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