“What a community can do”

“We’ve captured the commitment and enthusiasm of people like you. With that volunteerism we think we can make a real difference.” These were the words of Dr Geoff Lloyd to the group of PONT volunteers who gathered on a Saturday in May 2019 to reflect on the charity’s challenges and successes over the past year and plan for the next. “We’re showing what a community can do if it passionately embraces an idea”.

PONT was set up to provide a way for people in South Wales to engage personally with people in
Uganda who were helping their communities overcome poverty. It has now grown to embrace 10
different project areas that cover different aspects of health, education, livelihoods and environment.


The day begin with representatives of PONT’s 10 project areas sharing their news. We heard about
teachers visiting Uganda, children getting creative, trees being planted, young women trained as tailors, apprentices at the workshop, savings groups coming together, lifesaving motorbike ambulances, the hospital’s 1000th endoscopy procedure, 700 volunteer health workers trained about non-communicable diseases, Welsh university students working with Ugandan university students, and much more!


The second part of the day focussed on fundraising so that these projects can continue, and grow to
meet the needs of Mbale region.


Geoff reminded us of the importance of what we are doing when he talked in particular about the
Ambulances and Community Health Worker training:


“If we get it right, many more hundreds of people in Mbale could be saved – we’re talking about
people dying. The stakes are high. And if other towns in Wales and Britain do the same, [with their
own links to other towns] 1000s of lives could be saved.”


A call to action.

We’d love you to join us – contact us to find out how to get started or how to get more involved.