“I feel safe”

Antonina lives in Walusyembe village with her three grandchildren. She is “so, so proud” of the goats project because it has made her what she has become.

We meet Antonina and her family during a visit to communities that have been part of our Livelihoods projects for a few years. As a woman who is partially deaf and has limited use of her legs, Antonina cares for three girls and we meet the two youngest who have arrived home from school.

Janet from FDNC, one of the 5 local organisations we work with, tells us how receiving a goat has transformed Antonina’s life.

She has seen success in the goats project. First of all she was living in a grass hut, in the garden here. She really has lived a difficult life. She was living with her goat inside the hut. And she was living with her three grandchildren inside the hut. In rainy seasons the grass roof leaked.

She sold three kids, and she was able to buy iron sheets. And she got some little money and built the wall, and the poles. She sold most of the kids, every time the goat would produce she would sell the kid and buy one iron sheet, two iron sheets, then she could also buy some poles, and keep going until she accumulated the number of sheets and the number of poles that she wanted, and then she started off with the construction.

But as her goat started to produce kids, little by little Antonina was able to build a shelter that would keep her family warm and dry.

The brick home we sit in front of has two rooms, so there’s more space for the girls to move around and have a healthier home.

Antonina’s pride in the project is evident, and we’re not surprised when Janet tells us “she looks after the goat very well.” When she goes on to say “she sleeps with it inside her house, because she fears that it might be stolen and that is the only livelihood that she has.” we understand even more clearly how much the goat means.

She appreciates the support, she is calling it a gift, because she didn’t expect this gift in her life but this gift has really brought her out of dire poverty. She is saying she is able to sleep well in a comfortable house because of this gift. She has also benefitted through the goats project by feeding her family and her grandchildren and also scholastic materials. She is very grateful.

Translating from Lugisu, Janet tells us :

Antonina anticipates more kids from the goat and as well as making further improvements to her shelter, she hopes that the kids will be able to help her grandchildren’s education.

“I’m so incredibly grateful for the goat that I was given. I’ve been able to improve my home; I feel safe and the children are too.”

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