Livelihoods in lockdown – fundraising continues!

Livelihoods committee members usually love organising events to raise funds for our savings groups and goat breeding programmes – concerts, auctions, quizzes, afternoon teas…. But when lockdown happened they didn’t let it stop them! Instead they found ways to raise money from home in 2020.


Anne visited Mbale with PONT in 2017 and has been involved with fundraising ever since. 


As a keen sewer, she decided to put her skills to good use and make face masks to sell in aid of PONT Livelihoods, raising over £1000!


Judith decided to raise money by “climbing Snowdon” – climbing to the height of the tallest mountain in Wales on a staircase in her back garden! She raised over £600 from her friends, family and choir members! Here we share her diary:

10th June

“I started this challenge on 2nd June. I have taken 1578 steps out of 7120 to date.”


22nd June

“Father’s Day yesterday reminded me of when I climbed Snowdon as a 14 or 15 year old. We had gone to Snowdon to ride the train to the top. However, when Dad saw the queue for the train, he decided to walk!!! I did not want to walk and set off in full stroppy teenager mode. Eventually, a cafe came into sight and I rejoiced as I thought it was the top initially. When I realised it was only half way, I went into full teenage strop and said I was going no further!!! I also managed to knock a cup of tea over the person next to me in the cafe! Eventually, I was persuaded to continue and did reach the top.

It is thus ironic that I’m doing the “Snowdon Staircase Challenge” for PONT Livelihoods. As I reached half way last Thursday (see pictures), I thought I would re-enact the half way cafe yesterday. Please note the cafe is halfway up my Snowdon/ staircase! (At this point the stairs turn a corner and run along side the house.)”

3rd July

“I’ve done it!!! I reached the top of Snowdon this morning (on my back stairs), cheered on by Robert and Anne Hutt. They even gave me a medal!!!


It has been an interesting challenge, with the weather ranging from 30 degree heat, to a day when I needed to wear gloves because it was so cold. I’ve taken 7120 steps over 32 days.

Can I thank everyone who has sponsored me to date for their kindness and encourage those who are yet to donate to go to My Total Giving Page

The news today has highlighted that the Corona Virus is now spreading rapidly in Africa, as lockdown is lifted there. Please help to support the people of Mbale, Uganda by sponsoring my Snowdon Staircase Challenge.”

14th June

“Still plodding on with my Snowdon Staircase Challenge. Up to 2479 steps now.
Some days recently it’s been a bit wet and here is a picture of me in my full wet weather kit. (As I live in a bungalow, my staircase is outside – between the 2 levels of the garden.)”

27th June

“PONT Livelihoods Snowdon Staircase Challenge.
I’ve now made it three quarters of the way up Snowdon by means of my staircase!!! After 23 days, I’ve completed 5400 steps out of 7120.
It would be lovely if you could support my efforts and the livelihoods of those living in Mbale by clicking on this link to sponsor me on My Total Giving Page
An extra benefit is that I’ve painted the wall next to the stairs, so I can now show you the bottom half of the staircase!”

What could you do to raise money to help people in Mbale?

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