“Mothers should unite”

Harriet has 7 children, who all go to school.

She’s able to support her family and their education because she belongs to a savings group or ‘self help group’ in her village, Walusyembe.

Through PONT’s support, local NGO (non-governmental organisation) FDNC came to her village and trained around 30 people in topics such as savings and credit, keeping records, setting goals, problem-solving, conflict resolution and business promotion.


Group members could then start saving, paying in small amounts at their weekly meet-ups. When they had saved enough, any group member could take a loan.



Harriet chose to start a small business buying bananas from other farmers and selling them on, some in the market and some from her stall near the spot where her group meets. “I borrowed money from the savings group, I started buying bugoya [bananas]. I started ripening them, I was able to provide for my children’s education and I stopped even asking for support from my husband. I was able to support my family.”


“I would like to thank Mbale CAP and PONT and FDNC for the trainings and helping us forming these groups because without these groups we did not even have the courage to go out and face the world as we do today. We were so reserved in our own homes. It’s because of the training that I’m able to go out and sit among the rest of the people and I’m ever happy because I’ve achieved.”

“Mothers should unite and work as a team to boost their businesses instead of going back to their families to wonder why poverty is biting them.”

Will you help us support more groups like Harriet’s?

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