Successful Goat-Project: Gives families independence!

Florence Kibone is a single mother who manages her home and is able to provide for her children since she received a goat through the livelihoods project. Florence uses the goat’s manure to increase the yield of her crops. The increased yield provides food for the family and an income to pay the school fees for her children.

Florence Kibone

                                              Florence Kibone and the Goat Project


Florence is a proud member of a self-help group in the Burukuru community. Members of the group who received goats are taught how to look after the goats and breed them. The first kid born to each goat is given to someone else in the community. The picture above shows Florence proudly passing on one of these kids to a new recipient. In doing so, the success of the project is multiplied.



In the Burukuru community we PONT works in partnership with BRDC and local non-government organisation (NGO) charity.


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