Family fundraising for friends in Mbale

With a 40th birthday coming up, Melanie had planned a party with friends and family to celebrate… then lockdown happened! But with the money that her friends would save on buying cards and drinks, Mel saw the chance to raise some much-needed funds for friends in Mbale. She set up an online fundraising page and asked friends on Facebook to donate what they might have spent, and she raised over £300. Thank you to everyone who supported her!

Melanie chose for her donations to go towards a project which reaches out to teenage girls in Mbale villages who are vulnerable to early marriage, early pregnancy, abuse and missed education. You can read more about a visit to the Bethel Girls of Hope.  


As a bonus, the lockdown rules were eased just in time for Melanie to have visitors in her garden to celebrate her birthday – and the party will happen another time!

Birthday fundraising runs in Mel’s family – in 2018 her mother Anne organised a surprise 70th birthday party for her dad Robert and raised over £650, which they chose to go towards Livelihoods projects. Anne and Robert visited Mbale in 2017 and were moved by how the goat breeding projects and savings groups help people provide their families with food, education and healthcare.


Guests were very happy to donate and to find out a bit more about an interesting charity!

If you have a birthday coming up – or an anniversary, wedding, baby shower or child’s birthday – why not use it to raise money to help people who can really make a difference in their communities?

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