PONT Gifts

Give a gift that’s really needed


You choose the gift you’d like to send and click donate. We post you a card to keep or give to friends or family. We use your donations in the area of work the gift relates to – health, livelihoods, education or engineering. Then we keep you up to date with how gifts are helping people in Mbale (if you choose ‘yes’ to hearing from us!)

Fuel a motorbike ambulance

Our motorbike ambulances get people to health centres and hospitals, prioritising mothers in labour, children who are ill and people who have been injured. Your gift will contribute towards fuel, running costs and repairs. Keeping the bikes on the road will save many lives!


Help train a teacher

Rural Ugandan schools face many challenges, including large classes and lack of materials. With your gift, we will organise training for teachers so they are empowered to do their best for their pupils. Better exam results will give poor children brighter futures!


Kickstart a small business

Mothers and grandmothers in rural Ugandan villages often lack the means to pay for education and medical expenses. Your gift could support three days’ training to help a woman start and maintain a small income-generating enterprise such as tailoring, cooking, or selling vegetables. 


Help train a health worker

Where there are no doctors, we train volunteer healthworkers to provide emergency care and educate their neighbours about sanitation, immunisation and accessing healthcare. Your gift could provide update training, or contribute towards training a new healthworker who will save lives!


Support a goat project

We give goats to the poorest families in our Livelihoods projects. Many of them are caring for orphans. When the goat breeds they can sell kids to pay school fees, plant more crops or pay medical bills.  Meanwhile goats’ milk is a good source of protein – and goats produce great manure!


Sponsor an apprentice

A PONT workshop apprenticeship in mechanics, carpentry, welding & metal fabrication or electrical installation will give a young person from a poor area a rare opportunity to learn skills that can earn them a living. Your gift will cover all their tuition fees, exam fees, tools and protective clothing.

Why not get together with a group to raise £360 between you?  Or contact us to donate £30 a month


(Engineering workshop – actual cost of apprenticeship)