For just one week from midday on Tuesday 28th November to midday 5th December 2023, your donation made online through the Big Give Christmas Challenge appeal will be doubled! This campaign is championed by The Coles-Medlock Foundation

For this limited period we can have twice the impact – so we want to raise enough to deliver update training to 1200 committed volunteers and to continue to operate our 33 motorbike ambulance service.

A £5 donation doubles to £10

A £50 donation doubles to £100

PONT trained volunteer Community Healthworkers in Mbale region protect the health of half a million people. Healthworkers save lives in villages where there are no doctors. Our 1200 plus village healthworkers engage with and educate their community about sanitation and hygiene, nutrition, family planning and early detection of illnesses. Furthermore, they respond to emergencies and help mums in labour.

Our 33 PONT motorbike ambulance are specifically designed to manage the rugged, mountainous terrain, that is inaccessible to other forms of transport. All our motorbike ambulance drivers are trained to deliver first-aid. They are linked to our network of volunteer village healthworkers.

This integrated approach is saving many lives.

Our Target

We aim to reach our target of £36,000, including Big Give Champion funding. This will allow us to:
1. Provide update training for 1200 existing general healthworkers and maternal care specialists
2. Motorbike ambulance repairs, driver support and fuel​

The problem

  • Diseases such as cholera, malaria and pneumonia are common in the rural villages of Mbale region

  • Infant mortality and maternal mortality rates are high. There are no doctors in most villages and in remote areas, health centres can be difficult to reach.

  • Women in labour struggle to get to the nearest health centre or to the hospital when there are complications.

  • Many people are not aware of basic health, nutritional and sanitation information that could save lives. 

  • Others are reluctant to visit health centres, preferring traditional remedies.

  • Healthworkers change this – but they need robust training.

The solution

  • PONT and our partners have found a solution that works. 

  • We support local NGOs (non-governmental organisations) to train 1200 volunteer village healthworkers, chosen by their communities. 

  • They engage and educate their community about sanitation and hygiene, nutrition, immunisation, family planning and early detection of illnesses. 

  • They are trained to give emergency first aid, make referrals and call for emergency transport. 

  • We provide 33 motorbike ambulances that are
    specially designed for the terrain.

  • We provide our ambulance drivers with continuing professional development such as first-aid training and other heath and safety related matters.

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